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Ave. Paseo del Mar, frente a Town Center, Costa del Este, Panamá


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    Empresas Bern


    About Us

    Since 1978, Empresas Bern is the most recognized construction, hotel and tourism company in Panama. In all our projects, we choose the most premium locations and create perfect environments for our clients and guests to enjoy.

    We have a large team of affiliated companies: VIALMO, SERCONSA, ARDECO, GEASA, CIMENTEC, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS AND PANAMA RENTAL RENTAL SOLUTIONS. These companies are responsible for the construction, glasswork, furniture and property management, certifying the quality of our projects.

    Our privileged position in the Panamanian and international market is due to the dedication with which we have developed more than 160 projects and more than 9 hotels.

    The trust of our customers has been the mainstay of out growth, as we develop high-quality products that last through generations. It is of greater importance for us to continue creating jobs and continue to support Panama’s growth. Our non-profit organization, the BERN FOUNDATION, aims to contribute in improving the quality of education in Panama

    The value of Panama builds up everyday


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      Bern Hotels & Resorts Panama offers the highest standards of quality in the tourism industry, providing tourists with an exceptional service. Our purpose is to ensure the pleasant experience for those who come to visit Panama and let them depart with marvelous memories of all the beauties of our country.

      Affiliated Companies

      In Empresas Bern we have the backing of affiliated companies that offer additional services for each project.

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