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      Apartments and Offices in Costa del Este and Santa María

      Welcome to Empresas Bern

      The best residential, beach, corporate and commercial projects to live and invest in Panama.

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      Since 1978 we build properties that raise the quality of life—both for Panamanians and the international market. Bern projects are located in the most privileged areas of Panama. Over the past 40 years, we have built and delivered more than 160 projects which have defined the Panamanian skyline.


      Featured Project

      This is Nogal! Designed by visionary architects and built by the most renowned promoters of the country, an innovative project that highlights the design of MALLOL & MALLOL and the excellence of Empresas Bern. Nogal is a natural concept with large balconies, comfortable one-bedroom apartments.
      Nogal converges nature with the urban to create a spacious and fresh concept, built for lovers of good life and unique spaces with a natural touch.

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      Since the early 90s, the phrase “If you build it, they will come” has been used to describe the basic principle that if you build something, people will come and use it. Not only is the phrase misquoted from the film, Field of Dreams, (it should be If you build it, THEY will come) but it also is simply not accurate. You can build many things, but if there isn’t a need, people will not come.

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